Aerospace assemblies




Passenger Doors



Between Y1994 and Y2004 we have manufactured over 1500 Passenger Doors to support airliner assembly line. One unit contains over 2000 detail parts and subassemblies manufactured in house or purchased from WZK developed supplier chain located in Poland and the USA.




Krueger Flaps





QUADRANT assemblies






Engineered or Customized subassemblies build up both for main assembly lines and customer airlines are one of our core competencies. Our skilled and experienced staff supporting assembly lines can build any subassembly from Customer provided print or computer model based definition.


Precision machined components


WZK has the capabilities of machining complex 3- and 4-axis aerospace and commercial parts made from stainless, aluminum, and magnesium materials with accuracy up to 5 micrometers (0.0002 inch).